Aged Care Action Plan

Making a family decision

Change is an inevitable part of life. You or a family member may notice changes in an aging loved one which highlights the need to consider an Aged Care Action Plan. The changes may be an opportunity to discuss options and the future well-being of an aging relative.

Many people enter aged care under emergency conditions because of an accident or illness, leaving little time for thoughtful decision making. Make sure your family don’t face this situation. Address the looming issue of aged now by arranging a family meeting.

Benefits of a family meeting

A family meeting facilitated by an adviser can help you:

  • Explore priorities and preferences to help your family arrive at a common view
  • Understand how aged care works and the range of care options available
  • Identify the steps required to access the right level of care
  • Understand the costs to enter care and the ongoing fees
  • Consider the role of the family in funding an entry fee
  • Review your parents’ ongoing cashflow requirements
  • Develop strategies to optimise your parents’ financial position including minimising fees, maximising entitlements and investing remaining assets.
  • Ensure the estate plan continues to reflect your parents’ wishes and the family decisions

Your action plan

Family meetings can be hosted in our boardroom with the ability to teleconference or skype family members whom cannot attend the meeting in person. Family meetings can also be arranged outside of normal business hours to ensure all family members can be present.