Planning for Aged Care

Planning – Reduce the stress by planning ahead.

  1. Assessing Options – Aged care help can be accessed in your home or in a residential service.
  2. Searching For Services – If residential care is required think about what criteria is important in deciding where to live. Consider location, amenities and your health care needs.
  3. Understanding Costs – What you will pay for residential care is divided into contributions towards accommodation, care and additional services.
  4. Covering Costs – Before making a move, a complete review of your financial situation is ideal to ensure you can create sufficient cashflow and maximise your estate.
  5. Estate Planning – Anytime your circumstances change it is important to consider the impact this has on your estate plans. This includes when you move into aged care.
  6. Moving – When you accept a place in an aged care service you will be asked to sign a Residential Agreement. This will detail the services provided and fees payable. It will also outline your rights and obligations.

Need to plan a move to residential aged care? This can be a stressful time, but early planning and good advice can minimise the stress for you and your family. You will be faced with many personal and financial decisions. To navigate the aged care maze and where to get help contact us for an obligation free appointment (07) 5437 9900.