Working With Your Adviser

We help create effective solutions for your aged care needs. Preparing the way for yourself or a loved one to enter a residential aged care can be a difficult and stressful task. But you don’t have to be alone. Getting advice can guide you through the process by providing professional advice and support to create effective solutions for you and your family.

As your adviser we can:

  • Help you and your family to understand the range of care options and how the aged care system works.
  • Outline the steps ahead to help you find and access the right type of care.
  • Act as a central reference point for clear and relevant information on aged care and how your finances are impacted.
  • Help you identify what’s important and how to achieve your goals.
  • Review your financial situation and help provide solutions that meet your goals.
  • Help you evaluate what you can afford.
  • Explain the range of fees and how they are calculated to estimate what you might need.